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I'm not sure of the name but you know those hooks that come with an adhesive strip that attachs to a wall and you put the hook over it? The hook part broke off but the adhesive strip and the plastic part that touches it is still on the door. How do you remove it? I tried pulling it with pliers but the little bit of plastic the pliers was gripping broke off.

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I have had success sawing through them with dental floss. Get an 18" piece of floss. wrap each end around your fingers or a pencil. Slide the floss behind the plastic section. while applying a downward pressure on the floss, move it back and forth left to right until the hook separates from the adhesive. Once you have access to the adhesive you can scrape it off or use an adhesive remover like GooGone, rubbing alcohol or citrus based cleaner.

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A popular Water Displacing penetrating oil also works well for dissolving the remaining adhesive goo. It has at least 40 other uses as well. – bcworkz Jan 13 '13 at 0:06
The floss worked! I really had to slide it side to side, if I just pulled down it wouldn't work. Thanks! – Celeritas Jan 13 '13 at 0:23

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