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I have a bunch of pattress boxes to fit for light switches and plug sockets and was wondering if my oscillating multi-tool could be of any use.

I have a Bosch PMF 180 E Multi. Can this be used to cut the outside edges for a pattress box in a brick wall?

If it can then what attachment should I use... there are so many!

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Bosch lists a segmented blade HM-RIFF that it says will cut grooves in porous cement, small cutouts in soft wall tile. I guess four grooves would make a cutout. A lot will depend on the thickness of the brick,.Are you looking to cut thru a brick veneer or the entire thickness of a conventional redbrick? I would try to get a similar material to practice or trial cut. The width of the blade looks a little wide to cut the short sides. You may be able to make a series of long cuts then chip out the segments.

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I gave it a go with this attachment and it worked pretty well... definitely came out neater than previous attempts – Edd Apr 30 '13 at 14:43

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