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I'm currently experiencing the same situation as this post:how-do-i-prevent-this-bath-faucet-from-leaking-while-the-shower-is-running My bath faucet's lever to redirect the water to overhead shower does not fully stop the water.

My plumber is having a difficult time determining the manufacturer to be able to order the nozzle. What are some ways to determine the maker of the nozzle?

Asking since I can't just replace it with the standard chrome or brushed metal ones. My current nozzle is gold-plated (or gold-painted) and the wife would like its replacement to match. Therefore, I need to know the maker to be able to order the part.

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I wouldn't worry about getting the exact one. Even if you could find the make/model, who knows if they still make it or if it is identical (designs change over the years). go find something similar that your wife likes and install it. – Steven Jan 7 '13 at 17:33

Finding the manufacturer/model could be difficult. Is This close enough? Or This?

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