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enter image description here

My calculation is roughly that the total area is two times the sum of the area of living room and the area of the bigger bedroom:

(13*17+10.5*15)*2 = 757.0 (sq Ft).

However it shows the apartment is approximately 905 sq Ft, which is about 150 sq Ft larger than my calculation, i.e. almost the size of the bigger bedroom. So I wonder where there is such a big difference? Is this common for apartments and houses?

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The 'approximately' is likely a bit of a license to err on the side of larger, but looking at the floor plan, it doesn't look like closets and such are being counted on the room dimensions. – DA01 Nov 28 '12 at 6:46
As others pointed out, it is a calculation of living space, and people don't live in walls, closets, unfinished basements or attics or garages. – maple_shaft Nov 28 '12 at 12:06

As DA01 commented, the total apartment area appears to be calculated as everything within the external walls, whereas the rooms are calculated as the volume of each room minus the space taken up by closets, wardrobes etc.

A quick visual check seems to bear this out - the size of those closets and unusable spaces added together would just about fill the larger bedroom.

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