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I am thinking of buying this spiral staircase to use to get to our loft, but was curious if any of you could identify the type of staircase that it is.

enter image description here enter image description here

What is pictured is the section that sits on the floor, supposedly after that each step is a separate bolt-on unit. Also odd about this setup is that there is no center pole. I cannot seem to find a photo of a similar setup all put together. The guy that is selling this does not know that much about it.

I would go check it out in person, however it is 3 hours away! I welcome any information you guys can offer.

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Perhaps you should ask the seller what type of staircase it is? – Malfist Nov 14 '12 at 19:36

This isn't a spiral staircase, but rather a helical staircase. The difference is the lack of the centre pole (As you noticed. It's otherwise known as a newel) and that it has handrails on both sides, whereas a spiral staircase only has a handrail on the outside.

I was able to find this example of what appears to be a similar design, though it looks wider than your's.

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