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The company I work for is wanting to install a bio-metric fingerprint and keypad door lock with handle on the door to our new office. I am having difficulties finding a door lock that meets certain specifications and I was hoping someone could help.

The building owners require that the lock have an interchangeable core so that their building engineer can install their keyed core into the lock for security and maintenance reasons. I believe the specific type of core is a "6 or 7 Pin Uncombinated Interchangeable Core" (looks like a figure 8 or two circles next to each other). The lock would also need to come with a core key to facilitate replacing the core. In addition, the lock must be of bronze or gold finish (preferably bronze) and the door handle needs to face to the left.

After a lot of searching through websites and initial e-mail responses from one door lock sellers (I'm waiting on others), I'm thinking what I need doesn't exist. Does anyone know of a solution that meets the requirements I am facing?

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Be warned: Fingerprint scanners are (or at least, were) notoriously unreliable when there are many authorized people. I saw a demonstration where someone unlocked one with an orange. Biometrics are usually only good when used in combination with some other key to which a 1:1 mapping is possible. – Brian White Oct 18 '12 at 19:01
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