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I have two standard two prong wall plugs my puppy has chewed through completely, and he managed to sink his teeth into a laptop cord as well.

I'm thinking the wall plugs are history (a lamp and a fish filter) but hoping I'm wrong and it's an easy/safe thing to repair. I'm cautious since I don't want to wind up causing any fires.

I've also been looking at 'heat shrink tubing' for the laptop cord:


but both ends are pretty large and I don't think a 'tube' will slip over and still shrink down enough. Is there another option other than electrical tape? Some sort of heat shrink tape or paint?

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Is the wire damaged or just the insulation? Any nicks in the copper? –  Steven Sep 20 '12 at 0:57
The laptop wire is pretty much just the insulation. Still works perfectly. –  Chords Sep 20 '12 at 1:02
Works and safe are not the same thing. If the wire is damaged, it will have higher electrical resistance and this produces heat. Heat causes fires. –  Steven Sep 20 '12 at 1:18
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Many laptop cords are standardized. Where there is no external power supply, they often just need a stock AC cord such as this.

ac cord

If it is three prong, it may be like this.

ac cord 3

If it is damaged, replace it. It is cheap, available at many locations and safe. Do not repair except as an emergency measure.

However, many laptops have an AC cord (the cord that plugs into the wall) that also plugs in on the other end to a power supply (a small plastic brick). The AC wire almost always can be disconnected from the unit and the same replacement technique applies.

ac power supply

The AC cord is on the left, the power supply and its cord on the right.

If the AC cord is damaged, replace the cord.

If the other wire attached to this unit (the wire that goes to the computer rather than the wall) is damaged, this is much more problematic. These wires are almost always not detachable from the power supply, and they are usually proprietary (non-standard connectors). If the damage is very minor, you may be able to get away with shrink tubing, if it fits over the connector (sounds doubtful), or plastic electrical tape (always a bit sketchy on a wire that flexes). This is a low voltage wire, but it still is problematic. You may need to get a replacement power supply from the manufacturer or a third party supplier.

On the other cords, there are two types of replacement plugs, screw on and piercing.

screw plugpierce plug

Pierce seems easier, but screw on seems more reliable. They are also available in polarized and three prong versions. Cut the wire above the bad section and bring your old plug to match.

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If the lap top cord is damaged between the transformer and the wall plug you can repair it. The powercord will just be shorter. I would go to your local home center and purchase a replacement plug. Cut the wire at the point of the damage. Install the new plug and you should be good to go.

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