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Are there any online resources for determining building code requirements in Canada?

For example right now I need to know what the proper diameter for a dryer vent to the outside should be. Last week I needed to know how high a flight of stairs can be before hand railings are required . I called the local municipal building inspectors' office to get the answer (24", 60cm). It was successful, but it took 3 attempts to get a hold of someone in the office who could answer. Surely there's an easier more direct way?

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This is Canada's National Building Code, but unfortunately they seem only to sell copies of it on CD or printed form.

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hmm, looks like there is an online subscription version also. $125 for one year, or $35 for 10 days. A reasonable price if you're in the business but that's pretty steep for a homeowner with only occasional, but strong, need. Thanks. – matt wilkie Sep 14 '10 at 1:08
If I recall correctly, you'll need a provincial code for this information. The national code is more for engineers, and provincial codes are for builders. – Chris Cudmore Aug 28 '12 at 20:58

In BC go to the BC Building Code site. There are a variety of subscription options. The search and index is acceptably good, I have used it extensively.

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