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I am trying to learn what this small blue cupboard on the left side of the table is called? It's a corner cupboard but I am not sure what the technical term is: enter image description here

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"corner hutch"? – DA01 Sep 5 '12 at 20:30
A corner cabinet? – The Evil Greebo Sep 6 '12 at 12:18

I am not certain what you mean by a "technical term" for it. I would call it a corner hutch or a corner display hutch or maybe a corner bookcase.

Why corner? Because it is shaped to fit in a corner.

Why hutch? A hutch is sometimes something that sits on top of a bureau, table, desk, or other piece of flat-topped furniture. However, hutches can also be a free-standing shelved storage units with doors. The impression people have of "hutch" will vary by region.

Why bookcase? It's got books on it.

I can tell you also that I would not call it

  • a cabinet: Cabinets usually have doors and are wall-hung or sit on the floor.
  • a cupboard: Cupboards are usually wall-hung and contain dishwares or foodstuffs
  • a curio cabinet: these usually have mirrored backs and glass doors
  • a display case: see curio cabinet. These usually have at least glass doors.
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