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(A Velux blind is a brand of skylight/roof-window in the UK that's apparently quite popular).

We have a couple of velux windows with blinds attached. We'd like to swap them for the black-out blind variety, but having ordered the new ones, are at a bit of a loss for how to uninstall the current ones.

How to best do this? Couldn't find any information on velux's site.

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I was looking for information and the best link I found was, which was both informative and amusing.

It says to take a flat-head screwdriver, wrap it in a cloth, and then insert it between blind and glass, then twist it in small increments until the blind pops out by brute force.

It is possible to break the glass by using this method.

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I have been able to do it using my hands - they are not massive. Simply by swinging the velux round and using the same technique as above but with my hand and I little bit of brute force. It is off and no part broken. Whoopee!

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Thank you Graeme. We have been trying on and off for a week or two with ours and your technique worked in about ten seconds. Open window, grab blind in middle and use to move window up and down until the blind comes out in your hands. Mine has left two plastic plaques on the window frame which I guess the blind was clicked onto. We didn't install it so not sure. – user38007 May 30 at 12:38

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