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I recently tried to touch up a spot on my living room wall. Nearly 20 hours later, that spot looks exactly like it did when I first painted it. I have the exact paint that the wall was painted with. Should I water down the paint a little to help it match? Would painting again with the watered down solution even help? I absolutely cannot repaint the whole wall, but hope there is a way to fix this. Will rolling over this spot with a roller brush instead of a regular paint brush make a difference?

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I want to add that I'm 100% positive the texture difference is making the new spot stick out, since the look and feel of the rest of the wall is different. – Kristen Aug 18 '12 at 15:02

The texture difference is most likely the function of brush vs. roller. Do not thin the paint. Try using a roller, but use very litle paint on it. You are trying to get just a bit of a top coat that give the slight stippling that vitually all rollers leave behind.

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Paint takes 30 days to cure - it will gradually change in its appearance as it does so.

So - best thing to do right now is wait.

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wow - this could explain why the spot on the top of my touch-up can doesn't match the spot I painted 4 days ago. – virtualxtc Mar 10 '14 at 12:11

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