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I'm about to apply grout to a ceramic-covered part of my bathroom (single step up to the bath tub). I'm using a pre-mixed grout and want to apply Sealer's Choice Gold sealant. The grout should not be exposed to water for at least 7 days (according to instructions) after setting, but when can I apply the sealant?

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According to the sealant data sheet, you can seal new grout after 48 hours.

For me I would play it safe if I could (do you have to be able to use this bathroom?), if the grout says no water for 7 days I would wait that long before sealing. That is probably overly cautious but then I don't get much work done during the week anyway so for me waiting until the next weekend is not a big deal.

After sealing I would wait 24 hours before getting it wet.

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Not using the bathroom is not an option, unfortunately. I have the area covered with plastic, however, and that will have to serve. – MPelletier Aug 8 '12 at 22:13

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