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Is there a way to make a worn laminate floor shine again? There are a couple of areas in my house where lots of traffic seem to have dulled the shine on our laminate (pergo) floor, as well as where I foolishly have used a rolling chair at my desk with no mat. Is there anyway to get something close to the original shine back?

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check into a warranty claim some are supposed to be good for 25 years – mikes Aug 4 '12 at 17:52
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According to their web site at http://na.pergo.com/HowTo_FAQ.aspx they state:

Pergo floors must never be waxed, polished, sanded or refinished and never use a wet or jet mop when cleaning.

Given that Pergo's surface is just a printed substrate, odds are the printing, itself, has faded. Probably time to replace.

An easy 'fix' might be to get some runners (narrow rugs) to cover the heavily trafficked areas.

That said, given that it's a printed surface, one option--if you don't want to pull it out and replace completely--might be to repaint it. Talk to a paint professional to see if there are any primers that would work on the Pergo. You could then roll on a new painted finish.

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Because laminates are usually just a "picture" of wood on a thin backer, they are almost impossible to restore. This is the main reason I will not sell or install them for my customers. Heaven forbid they have a heavy dog!!!!!! – shirlock homes Aug 4 '12 at 11:00
Thanks for the feedback. Was hoping for a cheaper answer, but wasn't too hopeful. – Joe Aug 4 '12 at 13:03

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