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We got a bargain on a brand new 6.2kw Split System Inverter Air Conditioner.

The quotes we've received for installation are almost as much as the unit cost itself.

Is this something I should be brave enough to attempt myself? It's a back-to-back installation.

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Unless you have the tools and knowledge, let the pros handle this one. I don't think this is really a diy project, there is a reason the installation cost is so high.

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My advice: make friends with an HVAC guy.

Just about any tinbender I knew would do a cash job on a Saturday for cheap :)

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A split system isn't a big project. you need to drill small holes for the copper, mount the inside units to the wall, and pour a slab to mount the external unit. You then need to run electrical to the unit (DIY if you're comfortable with wiring and electrical code, or hire that part out).

You may still want to hire a professional to then charge the system after you have it all installed.

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There's a good chance you'll have to hire a pro to charge the system, as the refrigerant is only available to licensed people. –  Shimon Rura Jul 25 '11 at 20:39

There are two tools (among the other which are commonly used) you would need to install an air conditioner: a pipe bender and a vacuum pump.

Pipe bender may be required even for a wall-to-wall installation (it depends on your outlet/inlet positions).

Vacuum pump is needed to remove traces of water vapors from the system and test for leaks. You should keep the vacuum for at least 15 minutes. If water remains in the system and mixes with refrigerant, your hardware will be ruined in a season. This is especially important for the inverter systems.

If you have or can rent these tools and are able to use them, then installing a split system is no harder than any other hydraulic/gas system.

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