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My pool filter died (actually blew out the bottom - must have gotten some freeze damage).

So I need to purchase a new filter - I prefer sand ( I had a DE filter prior, but due to the sheer amount of pine needles that fall into my pool, the DE couldn't handle all of the detritus), so I am looking at either the Hayward s210t or s244t:

The s210t filters 21,000 gallons in 8 hours. The s244t filters 29,000 gallons in 8 hours.

My pool is roughly 21,000-24,000 gallons - 16x32 inground pool.

I have a Pinnacle 1.25 hp pump.

My question is, which would be best? I was leaning towards the s244t, but I want to be sure the pressure stays high (that a 1.25 hp pump is sufficient).

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