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While trying to remove the child safety cover from my tub spigot I managed to shear off the plug mechanism that activates the shower.

The guy at the hardware store sold me a new spigot and now I need to remove the old one. I've tried twisting it, but it is stuck quite solidly and I can't seem to get it off. I don't care about the condition of the spigot when it is removed, just that is comes off without damaging the pipe underneath so that the new one can be screwed on.

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This is what worked for me (it's rather brute force, but functional):

  • Take a small C-clamp (I had a 3" one laying around) and place it in the mouth of the spigot on the right hand side with the body of the clamp facing down.

  • Tighten the clamp

  • Twist the clamp counter clockwise using the body of the clamp as a gripping surface and leverage

  • If it doesn't work try tapping the spigot with a hammer or mallet to jar it loose a bit then try the clamp again.

Note: this may damage the spigot a bit, it was useful to me as the spigot was already broken and all I had available was a hammer and a clamp.

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