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I've seen a couple of solutions:

  • Dishwasher paint, like Uber Goop
  • Silicon
  • Vinyl paint

But some reviews of some of the "paint" products say it doesn't last long. If this is only a temporary repair it might be best just to get another rack for $100 or so (rather than spending $10 and an hour to just have to repeat it in a month.

Also someone recommended running lemonade (unsweetened mix packets) through the dishwasher to initially remove the rust.

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ReRack from Performix (same people that make Plasti-Dip) is specially made for repairing dishwasher racks. It has decent reviews on Amazon.com.

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be sure to remove as much rust as you can and coat with a rust conversion coating first. Home depot sells some like must for rust that work well to reduce rust comming back.

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