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Are primer + paint products as effective as using separate primer and paint

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I was quite skeptical about the paint and primer combo's, but Valspar gave me a couple of gals to try out. I was surprised how well it covered over dark colors. The down side was that it is not as smooth as regular premium grade paints. It seemed a bit dry going on, but that is because it is very high in clay content. I decided the best combo was to use it for the first coat and then use regular paint treated with Flowtrol for my finish coat. The application that I would never use it on is covering new drywall. I still prefer quick drying PVA drywall sealer. The paint/primer combo is too heavy and stays wet too long for new drywall, and is about twice the price of PVA primer.

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Thank You again, shirlock homes (great name). I read your bio and it explains how you have so much knowledge. I like straight, easy, logical answers. – RET Jun 9 '12 at 3:10

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