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We have a really old toilet in one of our bathrooms which has started to leak around the tank bolts. I was going to replace the bolts and washers but the nuts are completely seized and rusted to the bolts. Due to placement I can only get about a 1" draw on a hack saw (which doesn't really cut well) so I can't easily cut them that way.

How can these be removed without shattering the tank?

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I would try a Dremel type tool with an abrasive cutoff wheel. Of course you need to be careful of the porcelain. I've cut many screws and bolts this way.

If you can't cut the bolt, you may be able to cut the nut, in the direction of the bolt's axis, then pry the nut apart at the cut line.

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A great tool for this purpose and any similar close work is a ultrasonic multitool such as a Fein, Rockwell etc. Lots of tool companies are making them now. the other tool would be a hacksaw blade holder. It is not a full framed hacksaw, rather a handle that holds the blade and can get into tight places. Remember, save yourself a lot of frustration and use a good quality sharp blade, not a dime store, discount blade.


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