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I'm going to replace an existing 3-hole faucet with a single hole faucet in my kitchen sink. I plan on installing a soap dispenser into one of the other holes, but that will still leave me with one empty hole. Aside from faucets what accessories are available that fit into faucet holes?

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Some Dishwasher Air Gaps do. Hint, hint. ;) – Brock Adams May 1 '12 at 0:28
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The most common I've seen.

  • Sprayer.
  • Soap/lotion dispenser.
  • Filtered water faucet.
  • A Plug to fill the unused hole.

Most single hole faucets come with an extra base piece that covers up the old unused holes.

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An instant hot water tap would also fit. We have a long run to the hot water heater, and installing one of these units was one of our favorite kitchen improvements.

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Another use is an air pressure switch for a garbage disposal/food grinder. When we moved in it took a while to discover that using the garbage disposal required opening the cupboard door and reaching underneath the sink for a switch. When we too went from three fittings to one I got the chance to install an air pressure switch in one of the spare holes. (A soap dispenser went in the other hole.)

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You could use a hole for a sprayer attachement.

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