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I had to rip out a 4' x 6' section of ceiling and wall to make a plumbing repair on our house. The original walls were 1940s era gypsum board reinforced at changes-of-plane with metal lath.

Some sagging of the joists had caused a slight bow in the ceiling, so I couldn't repair the ceiling with a piece of drywall, because the board see-sawed. So I nailed metal lath to the joists and applied StructoLite like old-school plaster in three coats: a thick scratch coat, a brown coat, and a final veneer coat.

The wall turned out really nice with a creamy smooth finish but my overhead troweling skills aren't so good, and the ceiling has a lot of trowel marks.

So I want to trowel on a sandable skim coat compound which will adhere well to the StructoLite. What would be a good choice?

Any tips would be appreciated too. Do I want to mist the plaster beforehand or wipe it down with a damp sponge? It has been curing for about two weeks.

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Should have used a float for the skim coat finish. Would smooth it out nicely. – user15806 Oct 26 '13 at 13:10

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