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Looking for ideas on how to best clean a brick paver patio.

Background: I had a brick paver patio installed three years ago. The following year I had it sealed (not sure what product was used) with two coats of sealer.

The patio surely needs a good cleaning. I have lots of trees and foliage falls and stains the patio. There are a few places where weeds are starting go grow between pavers. There is decent drainage but a few areas have dirt accumulated on top of the pavers.

I'm thinking of having my vinyl siding power washed and was wondering if the pavers could also get power washed. I worry the power washing will dig out the sand between the bricks. Power washing paver patio a good idea?

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Yes, the pressure washer will dig out the sand between the bricks. I would not recommend it.

I would suggest a stiff brush with dish detergent mixed with water. If that is not strong enough try some professional paver cleaning products from your local home improvement store.

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I can confirm your pressure washer remark. I used pressure on my clay paver patio and the weeds got worse, _much worse_. – JeffG Jul 5 '13 at 16:31

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