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I have a 40cc Craftsman 18" chainsaw, and was cutting and the chain stopped moving. Earlier it would rotate freely when I started it, even without pulling the trigger. Now it does not move at all. I'm nervous to pull it too hard, and wonder if it's just some safety setting that I accidentally triggered. Any advice?

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My saw has a brake that can protect me in case of a kickback. It sits in front of my left hand. Push forward to engage, pull back to release.

Or it could be a maintenance issue:

  • Do you fill the bar oil when you fill the gas?
  • Do you clean the machine after using it? Including the drive gear and the slot in the edge of the bar?
  • Do you loosen the chain when putting it away? As the chain cools it contracts, and you don't want to let it get overtight. I store it loose; snug it up before using; adjust after 5-10 minutes use, when it's warm; the release when putting away.
  • If you remove the bar & chain, does the drive gear spin?
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That was it - kickback break. Thank you. – Daniel Williams Apr 9 '12 at 3:34

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