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I am planning a 14 x 20 shed, going to build on a 4x4 skid foundation, I can only get 16ft 4x4, what is the best method for the 4 feet left? Should I make all the joints at one end or use 2, 10 ft 4x4 and double the joist in that section?

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I'd opt for using the 10 ft 4X4's with a sistered joint in the middle. You could sister the joint with a 2 ft length of 2X4 on each side, so one 8 ft 2X4 would do both skids. Be sure to taper or bevel the ends of the 4X4's so it will "skid".

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When you taper the ends, also drill a large hole a couple inches back, so you can hook on a pull rope. – Jay Bazuzi Apr 5 '12 at 5:03

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