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This weather stripping is about 20 years old, and obviously it's no longer doing anything. It seems like it's stuck between those pieces of wood, but I can't tell if it's glued in, or if there are nails holding it in, or if it's just a compression fit. Can anyone identify how it was installed? If it's really in there, I was thinking I'd just cut it off and grab some adhesive based stripping to replace it.

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I have seen this type of weather stripping many times on sliding doors. There is a flange on the weather stripping that fits into the mill work. It is a bit difficult to remove, and even harder to replace. They sell the replacements at most box stores. It is important to remove the flange from a small dido (gap) in the frame. Putting the new one in is tedious and often frustrating, but can be done. It is truly a poor design. Take your time, use a little wood glue as lube and a way to keep it in place, or use a surface mounted replacement. I have had some success with self adhesive pillow type weather stripping. I feel your pain! lol.

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Most likely it is a compression fit with some kind of adhesive. It's not so common to find pre-manufactured windows with nailed strips, although you do get after-market ones. You can buy the weather strips in big packs and re-affix it yourself. I am not sure what type of adhesive is meant to be used but I would assume wood PVC glue would do it.

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