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I have a shed as pictured that had never been finished completely. As such the shed has a lot of dust debris, etc getting in that should not be. What do I need to do to finish the shed. Should I be concerned about the exposed wood / rafters?

Unfinished Shed

Far as I can tell I am going to need to add:

  • Facia Board

  • Soffit board

  • Drip Edge

Is there anything else I need to add or be concerned about?

Roof Parts

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The diagram you showed is fine. That is really all you need to do. I might add a small strip of 1X2 along the wall as a nailer for the soffit. The only alternative would be substituting a vented soffit panel for the solid soffit. Using a vented soffit would help a little in exiting hot air and give a bit of ventilation. Best used with a ridge vent for really good ventilation, but better than nothing if used alone.

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