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One of my kitchen cabinet's hinges broke. Luckily I found a replacement part on the original manufacturer's website (#50 90-degree hinge).

Quaker Maid #50 90-degree hinge, closed Quaker Maid #50 90-degree hinge, open

However it's $33 and not the exact same dimensions, so I'd need to drill out the hole to make it larger.

Should I just buy them, or are there other options that might be better? Perhaps different hinges, or an alternate seller?

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Remove one and see if you can get a part number and manufacturer name. That will narrow your search. Usually companies like Rockler (who sells hardware for cabinets) have a wider choice available than a big box store.

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Does the OP have to replace both hinges although only one broke? – wsw Apr 15 '15 at 15:33

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