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GE makes a lot of different models of each appliance (just look at any website selling washers/driers or refrigerators). Models of the same type may have subtle differences in model number, e.g. two similar refrigerators GSF25JGCWW vs GSH25JSDSS have nonetheless different prefixes and suffixes.

So, to decode:

  • 25 is volume

  • WW (white) or SS (stainless steel) is color

  • what is GSF/GSH?

  • JG vs JS?

There must be an cipher there. Please help us decrypt it, as without understanding what letters mean it's very difficult to compare models (I feel like I'm buying a mattress, not a fridge)

[EDIT: See http://www.geappliances.com/build-with-ge/downloads/nomenclature.pdf ]

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