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I'm replacing some old 1970s railing in between my kitchen and family room (there's a step down into my family room.) I ripped that out and exposed what looks like a stair tread that was ripped down and used for the step-down edge. I pulled that out because it was beat up and we are changing stain colors. In the pic you can see the "anatomy" of what I'm working with:

So the edge sits on the joist and the fascia board. (It was glued/nailed to the joist.)

Now my problem is that I need to get the other section out. It looks like the linoleum is sitting on top of it...so how can I get that out and not damage the linoleum? Undercut it with my multitool saw? Or is that a fool's mission and should I attempt something else?

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You can try heating a section near the edge with a hair dryer to see if it softens the adhesive.If you are lucky only the edges were glued.Use a stiff joint knife to gently lift the edge.

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I think it's likely impossible. But, if anything will work it'll be this. – Chris Cudmore May 9 '12 at 12:36

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