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If I wanted to build a detached garage/workshop, where can I find complete, detailed plans? I'd like to be able to estimate building cost from a materials list.

I'm not certain what style I'd want, so I'm open to suggestions. For sake of discussion, let's assume the main house structure is colonial or similar.

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Do you mind paying for the plans, or do you want them for free? – Tester101 Aug 12 '10 at 12:20
Free would be nice, but I'm personally willing to reward an architect/supplier for having a good design. – spoulson Aug 13 '10 at 19:56

In order of increasing cost:

This website has a few good plans for simple garages available at no cost.

TodaysPlans looks like it has some good plans for free, but you have to get them through email.

Mybackyardplans has a few for free, but they look to be low quality.

This website has them starting around $70.

JustGaragePlans has a wide range to pick from, but they're going to run $100+ per plan.

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Here are a few free ones I found through a Google search.

Build a Single Garage Shell.

Plan for a 16' X 22' Garage.

20' X 24' Garage.

There seems to be a lot of sites that will supply you with plans for a fee. You may also be able to find blueprints of garages built in your city at the city clerks office, at least for garages built with permits (I think these are public record but I'm not sure).

You could also try using software like Google Sketchup or other drawing software to create your own plans, if you go this route make sure to get your plans approved by the appropriate government offices.

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This website seems to be offerin free PDF downloads of plans:

Medeek Design

However, it seems that the site will not be offering them free for long as it says for a limited time only on the front page. Also looks like the available plans sets are very limited (3 plans sets from what I could tell).

But the quality of the plansets are very nice I downloaded the entire 18 sheets of the one Studio/Garage.

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Do you have any affiliation to this website? If so please note we have rules against self promotion - faq – ChrisF Jan 27 '13 at 0:02

If you are still looking for garage plans, I could give you a few tips from my own experience. Therefore, you should make sure the plans come with detailed instructions and they comply with the local building codes. Make sure the garage plans talks about the foundation of the construction, as this will make a difference on the long run.

Personally, I have used these plans, but I'm pretty sure there are more options to choose from. Otherwise, you could use instructions and just adjust the size and the design of the garage to your needs.

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This answer is a little bit on the "chatty" side. Try to tone it down in that aspect and just offer answers to the questions. "I've used XXX plans and they (didn't) work(ed) well for me..." – ShoeMaker May 8 '13 at 11:39

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