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After removing the stickers on some of the plastic materials using cooking oil, the plastic lose its shininess. How to I get that shininess back?

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You can get all these crappy aerosols that say shine this, shine that..

Finding the right one is very difficult. I used to buy this creamy liquid from a chemical supplier.. It was amazing! It restored the plastic to its natural, factory looking shine. This was in South Africa and years ago..

So i found this.. (it is not my shop.. its just the only guy who has this stuff)

enter image description here

I found this after testing and trying ... 12 other sprays, miracle shines and what not. This is not exactly what i used in SA.. but it works well

  • You generously spray the area with the shine(usually you will do the whole item or the whole side for even looking shine).. leave it for 5-15 minutes.
  • using a kitchen towel (not toilet tissue) you will polish the area vigorously while removing excess
  • Leave it for some more time.. up to hours. Use a microfibre cloth to finish off the polish.
  • I have made many old, junk from the bin look like new again.. and nobody new the difference.
  • Use some elbow grease..

The key is to find a silicone based solution. Good Luck

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