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I am removing two walls that contain light switches for the dining, and kitchen ceiling lights. Is there a wireless switch I can use for control, without fishing wires into the existing walls?

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That's possible, but I doubt that something like this would be up to any electrical code unless those are 3 way switches that have their counterparts somewhere else as they make wireless 3 way switches

Anyway, something like this seems like a bad idea. If you are remodeling anyway , then either fish the wires or open up the walls and patch them later. Nothing beats hardwired connection.

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There are a lot of makers of wireless, battery operated switches like Leviton, Lutron, X10, Z-Wave and on... @Vitaliy is right. All the wireless switches transmit a signal and then there has to be a receiver to receive the signal. Unless you have a switch elsewhere, then the wireless switch will not work. Also do you self a favor and don't try to add the receiver in the attic. You're asking for trouble if you do. Heat and electronics don't mix. – lqlarry Dec 27 '11 at 2:38

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