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I have some simple motion activated battery powered lights that I bought at Costco a while ago. I want to install them outside the house in the front and back. The device comes with a small plastic mount that should go with screws into the wall.

Is there a way to "glue" the device's plastic back to the wall, if the wall is stucco or wood panels? I don't need it to last there forever. If it will hold one year, I don't mind if it falls and I need to clean the surface and glue it again.

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I would not recommend gluing it. If it comes off (wind, animal), it is going to likely pull the stucco off with it in which case you have a big problem and possibly costly repair.

I would just use the screws since it is easier to fill two small holes then fix a large patch of stucco. Make sure to use screws long enough to penetrate the solid material behind it; at least 1 1/2" wood screws.

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