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One of my smoke detectors was chirping and when I removed the 9V battery, I found it was hot. In fact, it was making a 'cooking' sound.

Was it the smoke detector causing the battery to cook itself or was it a defective battery?

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I had a battery explode in one of my detectors. You got off lucky. –  sww1235 Mar 26 at 17:24

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Wow- A smoke detector that could cause a fire..

It is very difficult to say

  • It could be a fault in the fire alarm- short circuit that caused the battery to heat up to a cooking point.

  • It could be a chemical fault in the battery where atmospheric pressure and chemical imbalances caused by some impurity during production caused the battery to heat up at a certain point of its life.

Either way

The safest option is to replace both and remove all doubt!

eg ever hear about the exploding iPods... :)

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Now would be the time to buy the combo carbon monoxide & smoke detector that is required by code to go in houses. This site will tell your state require one, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms –  lqlarry Nov 26 '11 at 20:30

I just experienced the same problem. I discovered that I had installed the battery backwards. The smoke detector was chirping, so I removed battery (which was almost to hot to hold!), put another in out of same packet but in the correct orientation. No more chirping, and I have confirmed that the new battery is not overheating.

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