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We are currently in the process of moving into our newly renovated house. The electrician has completely rewired the house, and the plastering has been done. Only when we went to install the oven and hob did we discover that the electrician hadn't added a socket underneath the worktop for connecting the electronic ignition of our gas hob.

There is a cooker control unit and outlet for the oven, but no single socket for the 3A plug of the hob. I don't want to drill through the work surface and lose the single socket on the CCU. My question is, can I simply hard wire a surface-mounted single socket to the cooker outlet, and then plug the hob's ignition into that?

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Merriam-Webster was the only online dictionary that had a reference to a Cooktop, when searching for hob. Though I still had to click the second result to find it. – Tester101 Nov 15 '11 at 17:38
It sounds like this house may be in the UK. While the laws of physics governing electricity may be universal, the laws of man vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Make sure any advice works in light of your local electric code. – bib Jul 11 '12 at 16:15

If it is solely for the use of the electronic ignition then wire it in anywhere you please. The ignition does not use that much power.

But if it has a electrocnic cooker then you need a dedicated socket AND dedicated breaker with out anything else running on that ciruit, which is also rated at high amperage and earth leakage.(Usually stoves likes this do not use a plug but have to be hard wired with copper cable into the oven where there are several warning messages)

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