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I have some slow flowing drains that back up when it rains that I need to clear out. As there are no manholes or rodding points, I can only access them via the P-trap connected to an outside hopper.

I have a basic Karcher power washer that I can get a drain cleaning jet for, or I could get a Drain Snake to attach to my drill. Which should I use?

(Rods are not an option due to the P-trap.)

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If there is a blockage (which it sounds like there is since it's backing up) then you probably want to snake it before jetting since jetting alone is not going to remove a big blockage. How big is the drain? If it's large (like a 4" sewer line) then a power drill snake is probably not going to cut it and you need a drain auger with a larger diameter and some attachment options. Something like this: .

enter image description here

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